Calling BS on BDS

One doesn’t have to be a close follower of the Israeli-Arab conflict in order to see the momentum the BDS Movement is gaining in its war against Israel. More and more universities are having votes on divestment and though many of those resolutions have failed, many others have passed. Even though these resolutions often have no practical implications, what they are doing is creating a hostile climate in which Israel is seen reflexively as an aggressor that must be stopped by international “activists.”

BDS “successes” on university campuses in the West are not isolated incidents, but part of a global campaign aimed at destroying the Jewish State. Most of the resolutions are written by professional anti-Israel “activists” and just slightly altered to fit the local school. What’s more the BDS movement has provided a guidebook for campus Israel-haters to use in their fight against the Jewish State.

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While it is from a group called the “US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation” the occupation they are talking about is the one that began in 1948 (i.e. all of Israel) and the Handbook itself is based almost entirely on painting Israel as an apartheid state.

In order to properly combat this threat, pro-Israel students need to know what they are up against and how to respond to each and every lie, distortion and misrepresentation this Handbook is teaching. To that end, the Judean People’s Front has decided to take this apart page by page and lie by lie.

Below you will find a constantly growing list of articles not only debunking the lies contained in the BDS Handbook, but important information in the fight against BDS and specific actions that can be taken to counter BDS.

###Handbook Debunked:

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