Pro-Israel Posters

The fight against Israel haters both in the real world and online is not an easy one. Too make it a little easier, the Judean People’s Front has made and compiled numerous images and memes that can be used to drive home your points when mere words and facts don’t suffice.

##Images By The JPF

Palestinian Answers to Peace

(From Jerusalem Myth #4)

Apartheid By Whom?

(From Apartheid Law vs. Israeli Law)

Terrorism Compared


Gaza Borders

Iron Dome

BDS Handbook

Fayyad Sbaihat

(From The Strategy of Divestment)

Gaza Genocide

Israeli Arab Genocide

Nakba Genocide

West Bank Genocide

(From Genocide Libel)

Two Faced Abbas

Jay Walking

Obama Jewish State

(From Obama’s Palestinian Blindness and Unconscious Anti-Semitism)


(From Blue-and-Whitewashing

Palestinians Hijacking Causes

Palestinians Center of Attention


Pope on Anti-Zionism




Child Abuse

(From Rock Throwing Isn’t Just Terrorism, It’s Child Abuse)

BBC Joseph's Tomb

(An imagining of how the BBC would report on Israel’s response to Palestinians torching Joseph’s Tomb)

##Images By Others

Why no peace in 1966

Abbas Welcomes Blood

Apartheid Graph

No Jews in Palestinian State

BDS Rejects Jewish State Anywhere

True Face of BDS

Bassam Eid BDS

Bassam Eid Media

Bassam Eid UN

!Palestinian Names](

Who are the Palestinians

Ben Gurion on Arab Rights


Empty Spaces in Gaza

Free Speech

Hamas Charter

Yell Hasbara

History of Holy Lang

Israeli Concessions for Peace

Map That Lies

Victims of non-violence

Terror Salaries

Security Fence Stats

Die in Syria

UNHRC Condemnations