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Welcome to the Pallywood Post! This section is dedicated to exposing the “art” of Palestinian media manipulation.

Welcome to Pallywood

We are currently compiling a list of all the best articles from numerous pro-Israel blogs, so they can all be easily accessed from a single place. Submissions are greatly appreciated and can be sent to us on Twitter (@JudeanPF).

Many thanks to @aurora933 for helping compile our first batch of quick reference Pallywood images:

Gaza is a huge prison in ruins:

Gaza1 Gaza2 Gaza3 Gaza4 Gaza5 Gaza6 Gaza7 Gaza8

Gaza is starving

Gaza food

Gaza has no electricity

Gaza electric1

Gaza electric2

Gaza has no water

Gaza water1

Gaza water2

Casualties of other wars said to be Palestinian

Fake war1

Fake war2

Fake war 2a

Fake war2

Fake war3

Fake war4

Fake war5

Fake war6

Fake war7

(Translation of bottom tweet: “Israel, like a genocidal that says it’s an advanced democracy but the truth is you’re doing very well. Seems like Syria.” Of course it “seems” like Syria, because it IS Syria!)

Fake war8

Fake war9

Fake war10

Outright fake images

Fake1 Fake2

Fake civilians


(Translation: “A Palestinian minor was killed by the Israeli military for throwing stones at a car.” That “minor” doesn’t look young or like a civilian, does he?)

Hamas firing from civilian areas


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