Abbas Calls for Ban on Jews in Jerusalem

Yesterday, Mahmoud Abbas was in Moscow for meetings with Putin amid Russia’s buildup of military forces in Syria and the reopening of the Central Mosque of Moscow. While there he had some very interesting things to say.

Not only did he double-down on his assertion that the Temple Mount “belongs solely for Muslims,” (though at he was careful not to say it was because Jews have “filthy feet” in front of non-Arabs but he said all he wants is for “freedom of worship in Jerusalem in line with the order that existed before the Israeli occupation of 1967.”

How nice! All he wants is freedom of worship… except that before 1967, not only could Jews not worship freely in eastern Jerusalem, they couldn’t set a single “filthy” foot there. While under Jordanian occupation, which Abbas has now used as his ideal model, no Jews were allowed to visit the city. It didn’t matter if they were Israeli or not or even if they were anti-Zionist Neturei Karta. What’s more, Jordan also barred Israeli Muslims and Christians from visiting and praying in the city as well.

###Abbas is effectively calling for Jews to be barred from the city!

The only time a local authority truly guarded freedom of worship for all is when Jerusalem has been under Israeli control. In fact, the only restrictions Israel has ever enforced have been enacted not because of Israeli aggression, but in response to or as preventative measures against Muslim anger and rioting. Palestinian news sources describe Jewish visitors “under heavy police escort” but fail to mention the harassment and intimidation by radical Muslims that makes this necessary. They don’t mention that Israeli restrictions on Muslim worshipers is solely in response to the violence many have been engaging in and is an attempt to prevent those most likely to engage in attacks.

But probably the biggest casualty in this whole saga surrounding “attacks on the Temple Mount” (aside from, you know, their complete fabrication) is the global acceptance of the idea that, even according to Israeli outlets, “Under regulations instituted by Israel since 1967, Jews are allowed to visit but not to pray, to avoid provoking tensions.”

This is nonsense. The restrictions on Jewish prayer at the Temple Mount only began during the Second Intifada as a response to Palestinian rioting. Before that, Jews regularly visited the site, were able to tour not just the compound but the inside the mosques and were even allowed to pray quietly, which they did without any problems. I know this not just from reports but because I remember visiting the Mount myself back in the 90s with no need for any police protection, not being harassed when I closed my eyes to pray and I remember going inside both mosques (without shoes, despite my “filthy feet”).

None of this is possible today nor was it even a dream between 1948 and 1967. Anyone who has any doubt about what a Palestinian controlled Jerusalem would look like need only actually listen to Abbas to see what signs he’ll put up:

No Jews Allowed