The Barenboim Incident Shows Iran's Anti-Semitic Colors

Iran Bans Berlin Orchestra Performance led by Palestinian Conductor. This could easily have been the title of the numerous articles that were published about Iran’s cancellation of the formerly upcoming performance of the Berlin Staatskapelle Orchestra in Tehran. But of course this was not the way the story was told, instead reporters were more than happy to play up the fact that both the Iranian and Israeli governments were opposed to the concert.

Barenboim received Palestinian citizenship after conducting a concert in Ramallah in 2008 but this fact was treated as a side note, an unimportant detail or something to be left out of the report altogether. If you were to take the Iranian’s at their word (a dangerous choice that is being made by too many these days) you would believe that this was due solely to his Israeli nationality, as they said, “Iran does not recognize the Zionist regime and will not co-operate with artists of this regime.”

But this argument does not hold water. Back in July, the Iran-backed International Union of Unified Ummah held a public Iftar for Muslims on the Temple Mount. If Iran was really worried only about not having relations with Israelis and not Jews, then it would have asked the worshipers to show their ID cards. Given that over 1.5 million Israelis are Arab, that the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel actually pays Israeli Muslims to go to al-Aqsa and harass Jews and that more and more Arabs in Jerusalem are accepting Israeli citizenship, it is almost guaranteed that some of those partaking in the Iranian Iftar were Israeli citizens.

Not only does this show that Iran’s alleged anti-Israel activities are really anti-Semitic, but it also lays bare the intellectual bankruptcy of the far-left. When Barenboim received Palestinian citizenship he said, “The fact that an Israeli citizen can be awarded a Palestinian passport, can be a sign that [peace] is actually possible.” But this is utter nonsense. Israel has been awarding citizenship to Palestinians since its first days of statehood (though back then they were not officially Palestinian citizens since such a state or authority did not exist). While Israel has granted citizenship to well over a quarter of a million Arabs since 1967 the Palestinian Authority has granted citizenship to just three Jews: Daniel Barenboim, radical anti-Israel Activist Ilan Halevi and ex-Jew Uri Davis. Clearly Jews gaining Palestinian citizenship are the exception, not the rule. (Note: it is possible there are a few more anti-Zionist “Palestinian” Jews that are not as famous and were overlooked, but the point stands.)

Moreover, Abbas has said that “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli - civilian or soldier - on our lands,” but since there has never been an issue with Israeli Arabs living in PA territory, it is clear he is only talking about Israeli Jews. Abbas’s lackey Hanan Ashrawi tried to explain this by saying that Palestinians would not agree to “ex-territorial Jewish enclaves,” where residents would keep their Israeli citizenship. This is nothing more than verbal trickery and highlight’s Palestinian hypocrisy. Ashrawi and Saeb Erekat have emphasized that Jews can “apply for Palestinian citizenship,” but this can only happen after all the Jews who are already there are forced out first. When Avigdor Lieberman first suggested ceding Israeli Arab towns to a future Palestinian state, it was international news with condemnations of his “anti-democratic, racist” proposal coming in from all sides despite the fact that it was not official Israeli policy or part of any Israeli peace offers. However, when the same thing is explicitly endorsed by the Palestinians, there is nothing but crickets.

As is the case with most allegedly anti-Israel events, all one needs to do is scratch the surface just a bit to find that it isn’t about Israel, it isn’t about the “occupation” or the “settlements.”

It’s about Jews.