Turkey Supports "Apartheid" in Israel, No One Notices

Hurriyet Daily News reported yesterday on Turkish-Israeli plans to “discuss establishing a new industrial zone for Palestinians in the West Bank.” Sounds good right? So what does this have to do with “Apartheid?”

Well, Israel haters will stop at nothing to link Israel with horrible crimes no matter how tenuous the connection. The main focus of the BDS movement centers around convincing the world - in the face of all evidence - that Israel is not the Liberal Democracy that it is, but rather an Apartheid State.

We have previously taken this charge apart law by law proving that this libel is without any merit. However, in doing so we acknowledge that there are some laws in Israel that do bare a superficial, though completely non-substantive, similarity to certain apartheid laws. One such law is “The Bantu Investment Corporation Act, Act No 34 of 1959.” This law was designed to provide for “the creation of financial, commercial, and industrial schemes in areas designated for black people.” It doesn’t matter that there are no areas in Israel only for Jews or only for Arabs, anti-Zionists seize on this law, look at Israeli created “Industrial Zones” in the West Bank and then scream “Apartheid!”

Nevermind that these Industrial Zones employ both Jews and Arabs under the same conditions. Forget that Palestinian Arabs working there can make roughly three times what their West Bank counterparts make. Ignore the fact that Israeli and non-Israeli employees gain access to Israeli health care and savings plans by working in these zones. All that matters is that this bares a shallow similarity to a law in South Africa and who cares that it isn’t in any way actually similar? It can be used to demonize Israel and that’s all that matters.

But what happens when the “greatest defender of the Palestinians” supports such apartheid? Surely this would be cause for concern. One would think this would lead to protests or at least denunciations especially since, according to Hurriyet, Turkey is behind the entire idea of these “industrial zones”:

Turkey transferred its organized industrial zone model to Palestine in the 2000s, providing assistance for the establishment of the Erez Industrial Estate in the border area between Gaza and Israel.

Not only is there no denunciation or name-calling, this project is instead praised (as it should) for helping to grow a stagnant Palestinian economy. No one cares when it is Turkey establishing these zones, or when Israel works with Egypt or Jordan to establish joint Qualifying Industrial Zones.

We can already hear the BDSers retorting: But the Turkish Industrial Zones are in no way similar to those in the Bantustans of South Africa!

True. But the same is true of the ones established by Israel in Judea and Samaria and yet this never stopped the BDS-holes from using them to make the same accusations.

They will the respond: But there have been complaints and condemnations about the way the QIZs in Jordan and Egypt are run!

Also true. However, when condemning certain practices in these zones, critics have never resorted to false accusations of apartheid or used infractions in there to demonize and delegitimize the entire state they are located in. This is only the case when such zones are located in Israel or the territories.

The only time BDS activists care about these actions are when the only party involved is the Jewish State. Can someone please remind us what that term is for singling out one group for condemnation while ignoring or praising others for doing exactly the same thing just because that first group is Jewish?