President Obama Explains Why The "Israel Wants War" Charge Makes No Sense

Ever since Prime Minister Netanyahu made his opposition to the Iran Deal clear, the Obama Administration has sought to portray any and all critics of the deal as warmongers. Worse, many have focused in on the Israeli opposition and tried to make it seem like Israel was trying to force America to wage a war on its behalf.

It isn’t just anonymous anti-Semites on Twitter who have been accusing Israel of preferring war over a good deal. Officials from the Obama White House have said that Israel and Netanyahu would never accept any deal, no matter how robust.

Today, President Obama has himself explained why such hysterical accusations are completely unfounded:

[Iran] will fight this asymmetrically [if war comes]. That means more support for terrorism, more Hezbollah rockets falling on Tel Aviv. I can assure that Israel will bear the brunt of the asymmetrical response that Iran will have to a military strike on its nuclear facilities.”

Since Iran is still developing its ICMBs that could reach the US (something that will continue unencumbered under this deal) the US will not be the main target of Iranian retaliation (though it would most definitely have American assets in the Middle East and Europe attacked, if not on the mainland, by terrorists).

Israel would bare the brunt of any Iranian response. Far from Americans dying for Israel, Israelis would be dying for America. Israelis would be living in bomb shelters as Hezbollah fires rockets from the north and Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire rockets from the south. Israel’s economy will grind to a halt as tourism dries up and half the country is called up to the reserves to deal with the threat.

This is not a situation any country would welcome and anyone telling you that Israel prefers this scenario to a deal that would prevent it and a nuclear Iran is lying to you. However since President Obama has invested so much energy in this deal and the idea that all opponents want war, even though he recognizes that this characterization is not just faulty but upside-down, he will not change his tune. Expect this rhetoric to ramp up as the Congressional vote draws nearer, just don’t let them fool you.

Israel has never wanted war, but that doesn’t mean it will commit suicide to avoid one.