#IranDeal Already Paying Dividends for Hamas

Avi Issacharoff of the Times of Israel’s latest article paints an incredibly disturbing picture of the current state of controls at the Gaza-Israel border. According to this report, Hamas is not only smuggling weapon and tunnel building materials through tunnels from Sinai, but is actually doing so direct through the Israeli Kerem Shalom Crossing.

This is incredibly disturbing in its own right and calls into question Israel’s current policy of sending hundreds of trucks of aid across the border on a daily basis while the Palestinians lie to the world and claim nothing gets through.

However, there was another aspect of this report that caught our eye:

They [members of Hamas] have received only a few hundred shekels instead of their full salaries for the past four months because of Hamas’s financial hardship. Full salaries are supposed to be paid out this month due to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s decision to resume transferring grants from Iran in light of his agreement with the P5+1.

Last week, National Security Adviser Susan Rice admitted that Iran “may be able to send money” to terror groups and that while Iran is already funding these groups, “they will have more money” do so once sanctions are fully lifted. Yeah, about $150 billion more.

Some will say that the Iran Deal does not allow the Islamic Republic to transfer unfrozen funds to terrorist groups. These people lack a basic understanding of economics and the core principle that money is fungible: Iran might not transfer the exact dollars that are unfrozen, but that money will free up other funds from the Iranian budget that can and will be transferred to terrorist organizations like Hamas.

As we see here, Iran isn’t wasting any time before sending additional money to Hamas and, from its perspective, why should it?