Despite the best efforts of anti-Israel activists, the latest “Freedom Flotilla” accomplished none of its goals: It did not bring world attention to the legal Israeli naval blockade of Gaza for more than a few minutes, it did not reach Gaza, and it didn’t get any “aid” to Gaza (which actually wasn’t even one of its goals to begin with).

But this incident does prove something incredibly important: Israel was roundly condemned when its naval commandos stormed the Mavi Marmara back in 2010 and ended up killing 9 passengers. What went completely unnoticed was the fact that there were almost no injuries on any of the other five ships attempting reach Hamas-run Gaza and that passengers on the two ships that didn’t even offer passive resistance were not even handcuffed. Instead of asking the logical question, “why did the Israeli commandos only use force on one ship?” the media decided to do what it does best: condemn Israel without doing any research.

The BBC actually produced a pretty balanced documentary investigating the incident (well after most of the damage to Israel’s reputation was done), and we encourage you to watch it:

As is very clear from the documentary, the commandos were responding to violent actions by those on board the Marmara that were completely absent from the other ships. Meaning, that although those on board the other Hamas supporting ships were still attempting to break a legal blockade and help establish a sea route to bring in weapons for Gaza terrorists, they weren’t willing to engage in violence themselves and (mostly) surrendered when stopped.

The same is true the Marianne of Gothenburg ship. While these useful idiots are full of hatred for Israel and were working specifically to open up the sea to a Hamas-run weapons importing facility, they did not engage in violence themselves. When Israel boarded the ship they went limp and forced the commandos to carry them off, but they didn’t try to hurt of kill anyone (directly).

So for all those in the media saying, “surprisingly, no one was hurt in the raid” this week it is important to remember that this isn’t surprising at all. Israel was never looking to use force on any of these ships and even stops its commandos from taking their usual weapons with them to prevent accidents. The only reason why violence occurred on the Mavi Marmara was because its passengers decided to attack soldiers after ignoring repeated warnings and running a legal naval blockade.