'Israel Honors Jewish Terrorist'

On 28 May 2015, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin awarded Israel’s highest civilian award, the Medal of Distinction to Yosef Chaim Ben David. Ben David was apprehended last summer for orchestrating and carrying out the terrorist attack that took Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s life. On Israel’s Channel Two, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented the award to Ben David reading aloud the Presidential order:

Decree for 2015. The President of the State of Israel; by the authority vested in us, and for the public good; we decree the following:

Paragraph 1: Fighter Yosef Chaim Ben David - the most recent prisoner of the revolution of modern Israel - is granted the Award of Medal of Distinction.

Paragraph 2: In appreciation for his pioneering role in the struggle, his sacrifice for his homeland and his people, and its revolution, and his willingness to give all of himself to the cause of Zionism..

Did you miss this story? Of course you did because it never happened! Israel did not celebrate Ben David’s terrorism but rather condemned it at every level both political and civilian. He was quickly tracked down by the Israeli police who arrested him and he was then put on trial for his brutal crime.

So why is the JPF reporting this? Because the exact same thing happened in the Palestinian Authority!

According to Palestinian Media Watch:

Last week, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas awarded terrorist Fatima Barnawi with the “Military Star of Honor.” Barnawi placed a bomb in a movie theater in Jerusalem in 1967 in an attempt to murder civilians. The bomb was discovered and Barnawi spent 10 years in Israeli prison.

Official PA TV News reported on the ceremony at which Abbas himself presented terrorist Barnawi with the honor. Tayeb Abdel Rahim, Secretary General of the Presidency, read aloud the Abbas’ Presidential Decree in honor of the terrorist:

“Decree for 2015. The President of the State of Palestine and acting Chairman of the PLO Executive Committee; by the authority vested in us, and for the public good; we decree the following:

Paragraph 1: Fighter Fatima Barnawi - the first female prisoner of the revolution of modern Palestine - is granted the Award of Military Star of Honor.

Paragraph 2: In appreciation for her pioneering role in the struggle,her sacrifice for her homeland and her people, and its revolution, and her willingness to give from the beginning until now…” [Official PA TV, May 28, 2015]

You can watch the video here:

In case you were to think that Barnawi is at least a “repentant” terrorist who realizes the error of her ways and now renounces violence, she was very clear in her 9 May 2015 interview:

All my life I had dreamed about it… We were supposed to place the explosives in the restroom or under one of the seats. I put them where we sat, near the middle [of the theater]… While we were leaving, the bomb was discovered. An American sitting behind us said: “The ladies forgot their bag.” The usher came to take the bag and found a ticking clock… They moved the people away and blew it up at the entrance…This is not a failure, because it generated fear throughout the world. Every woman who carries a bag needs to be checked before she enters the supermarket, any place, cinemas and pharmacies.

You can watch the video here:

This is actually the second time this year that Barnawi was celebrated by Abbas. On April 17, Prisoner’s Day, Barnawi was honored alongside other convicted terrorists. Apparently it wasn’t enough for Barnawi to be celebrated as one of many attempted Jew-killers, she needed her own

This story was not picked up by any mainstream press because, hey, why would it? It is easy to see how the above Israelified story would quickly make headlines around the world. It makes us think of the controversy surrounding the book The King’s Torah, which elicited condemnations both in Israel and around the world. The book is certainly controversial and prominent rabbis should have taken a little more time reading it before offering their support, but in the end, this was just a book dealing with how Halakha (Jewish Law) approaches war.

Apparently an abstract discussion of a theoretical occurrence within the bounds of religious law is more newsworthy than the President of an aspiring state, roundly celebrated as a moderate and a peace activist, publicly celebrating an unrepentant terrorist.

Don’t worry, the JPF has updated Barnawi’s Wikipedia entry (closely following their balance guidelines) so the whole world will know how much Abbas appreciates her peaceful activities.