Thank You Rosanne!

###But we need to clarify a few things.

Hi Rosanne,

As faithful, pro-Israel tweeters and bloggers, we at the Judean People’s Front are well aware of the massive support you show Israel on a daily basis all over the twittersphere. You are outspoken, unapologetic, and forceful with your message of support for the world’s only Jewish State and we thank you for that.


You recently took this battle off twitter with a special guest post on the pro-Israel blog In In Praise Of Israeli Democracy you write not only a vigorous defense of the State of Israel, but of Democracy in general and begin with:

Israel right now, in my opinion has the most vibrant democracy in the world, and feel free to correct me (minus hate speech) if you feel I am wrong.

The Judean People’s Front certainly doesn’t disagree with this statement, but there are a few misstatements you subsequently make, that should be addressed - respectfully, as co-defenders of Israel, of course.

Achoteinu Barr, you make a very common mistake regarding the founding and legitimacy of the State of Israel:

As we all know, Israel was made a state by the UN in 1948, with the partition of Palestine into a Jewish State and a Jordanian-Palestinian State, in an agreement/peace treaty which guaranteed that only a small portion of The British Empire’s Confiscated and Occupied Jewish Ancestral Homeland would be returned to the Jewish People, based on the writ, “The Balfour Declaration.”

This may be the common perception, but it is simply not the way things happened.

Israel was not made a state by the UN. In November 1947, the United Nations did vote in favor of the Partition of Palestine. This was accepted by the Jewish Agency (the pre-state government of the Yishuv) but it was completely rejected by both the local Arabs and the surrounding Arab states. As such, it never went into effect and was not responsible for establishing Israel.

The Jewish State was instead established on 14 May 1948 when, after months of intesnse fighting, and suffering over 2000 Jewish casualties, the State of Israel was declared in Tel Aviv (Jerusalem was still under heavy seige and too dangerous for such a massive gathering of Israel’s leaders). It was the Israelis themselves that established our state through the force of arms in defending their homes and the determination to declare a state upon the withdrawal of the British (this was still very controversial among the Zionist leadership of the time).

What’s more, there was no “agreement/peace treaty” with Jordan or any other Arab state that guaranteed Israel would be returned to the Jewish People. That was, of course, because all the Arab states refused to negotiate peace and rejected Israel’s existence in every way. Had they accepted peace or the Partition Plan, there would have been no war, no refugees, and an Arab state in Palestine would have been an established fact as well (at least until it was incorporated into Jordan).

You then continue with:

Many opine that without the grotesque and savage fascist state sanctioned murder of another third of The Jewish People, none of the lands might have ever been returned at all.

It is very dangerous to buy into or lend legitimacy the Arab narrative that Israel was simply established by the UN to assuage Western guilt over the Holocaust. It has been said before, but we’ll say it again:

##Israel was not established because of the Holocaust. Israel was established in spite of the Holocaust!

None of the lands were “returned” to us. We returned to the land ourselves, buying it legally, and defending it with our lives. The idea that the UN simply handed Israel over to the Jews in 1948 as blood-money for inaction over our genocide is one touted by anti-Israel and anti-Semitic voices the world over and we should reject this lie vociferously. It also overlooks the fact that prior to 1948, there already was a functioning Jewish State in all but name, and this became official when, mere minutes after the declaration was made, the United States and Soviet Union recognized the new/old state.

Had the Arab accepted the Peel Partition of 1937 (as the Yishuv did), millions of Jews would have had a safe haven in which to seek refugee from the Nazi genocide and an outright Jewish majority would have been secured for centuries. But this partition plan did not create the State of Israel any more than the UN Partition of 1947 did. It was only our own actions and determination that brought this about.

The only other misstep you make in your otherwise praiseworthy post comes when, while discussing the Israeli electorate, you refer to:

indigenous Mizrachi and Sephardic Jewish voters

Certainly Mizrachi and Sephardi Jews stayed closer to the Homeland than their Ashkenazi cousins, but they are no more indigenous than the rest of us. All Jews are indigenous to the Land of Israel. It is where our forefathers settled thousands of years ago, where we our multiple kingdoms were established, to whhere we returned to after our exiles in Egypt, Babylon and our 2,000-year exile scattered around the world. DNA evidence has rather consistently shown Jewish ancestry originating in the Levant even though the skin color of some of us may belie this underlying truth. It is important that we not forget our indigeneity, or, God-forbid, cede it to the idea that the Arabs are actually the indigenous population

Regardless of these few misstatements, the Judean People’s Front thanks you for your defense of Israeli democracy and your continued advocacy in the face of growing anti-Semitism.

We salute you with our eternal battle cry:

##Am Yisrael Chai!